Scriptwriting portfolio

Brad has written scripts for close to 100 videos that have since been published online across various channels and platforms. He specialises in medium-length (8-12 minutes) content but is also experienced in writing short-form (<1 minute) content. Cumulatively, the videos Brad has written have been viewed over 10 million times on Youtube, attracting 360,000 likes and 50,000 comments.

Video Scriptwriting: The Front 

From the horrifying to the heroic, The Front preserves the lesser-known stories of war, focusing, for the time being, on the deadliest war in human history: World War II. On YouTube, The Front publishes medium-length (eight to twelve minute) videos on various topics relating to military history.

The scriptwriter’s job involves research, writing, editing, and quality control not just for their own scripts, but for the entire team working for The Front. 

Documentary Scriptwriting: The Australian Army Battle Honour Series

Published by The Cove in conjunction with the Australian Army, The Australian Army Battle Honour Series presents highly researched mini-documentaries about the key battles of Australian military history. The series acts as both a training resource for new entrants to the Australian Defence Force and as medium-length video content for the Australian Army’s YouTube channel.

The scriptwriter’s job involves considerable research, drafting, and editing to create a product suitable for a range of military and civilian stakeholders.