G’day! This is Bradley Dare’s website and online portfolio. On this site you can find out more about Brad, his interests, work, research, and travels. To contact Brad for business inquiries, or to see more examples of his work, please send an email to bradjdare@gmail.com.

Current projects

Mini-documentary Series

Published by The Cove in conjunction with the Australian Army, The Australian Army Battle Honour Series presents highly researched mini-documentaries about the key battles of Australian military history.

Scriptwriting for The Front

From the horrifying to the heroic, The Front preserves the lesser-known stories of war, focusing, for the time being, on the deadliest war in human history: World War II.

Impact craters of AUstralia

Working with aerial surveyor and internationally-renowned imagery expert Dr Paul Dare, Brad is in the research phase of writing a book about Australia’s impact craters. They are taking a holistic approach: combining today’s cutting-edge science with the ancient myths of Australia’s first peoples. The book will be equal parts scientific reference, anthropological discussion, surveyor’s report, and cracking tale of discovery.

Status: Ongoing

Tales of exploration and adventure

From trekking the to the frigid fjords of Artic Norway in search of a lost shipwreck to uncovering evidence of cataclysmic impacts in the scorching Australian outback, Brad has had more than his fair share of adventures! You can read about some of these stories on the Blog, as well as see photos Brad captured along the way.